BPM Studio is digital audio mixing software for professional DJ's that plays MP2, MP3, WAV, CDA and WMA files on up to 6 sound cards. It provides all of the mixing essentials, plus some extra powerful features not found in other similar packages.

Dual Player
Fast MP3 encoder
BPM File Archive
5-channel mixer, equalizer/limiter
Intelligent playlists
Supports up to 6 soundcards
DirectSound, Wave, and ASIO-Driver support (ASIO home/pro only)
WAVE, MP1, MP2, MP3 and CDDA-support
Monitor functions
WAVE and MPEG Sample Editor (home/pro)
Cross Fader (home/pro)
Automatic BPM Counter (home/pro)
CD Player (home/pro)
File Editor (home/pro)
19" external remote control (pro)
CD-ripper and digital CD player (pro) …