[реклама вместо картинки]

The HTMLRunExe creates an executable archive for its pages HTML. The exhibition is made as in a navigator (to browser) common, with the advantage of being edited by the user, therefore it can be modified some configurations, of this the heading until its way of presentation. Of this form, you it will be able to transform its digital pages HTML into e-books, and to use all the resources of webdesign, therefore it does not have restriction some, such as applet, cascade Javascript, styles, images livened up in the format GIF, animaes in Flash.

Everything that you can make in browser, is allowed in the HTMRunExe. It is possible to publish its project in two types of compilation, in the Conventional way, where the archives of the project are outside of the executable one, and in the option To inlay all the archives in the executable one, so that all the archives are in an only archive.