CloneDVD Mobile - является продвинутым решением для конвертирования видео DVD в форматы для мобильных устройств: Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs ZEN Vision и других.
Changes in CloneDVD mobile Version 2006 12 27 :
- New: added THM-Thumbnail support for Sony PSP
- removed separate chapter files option for Sonys PSP because this conflicts with the PSP's naming convention (can be reenabled by changing the corresponding "AllowChapterFiles" entry in the devices.ini file)
- added several new profiles: "BlackBerry Pearl", "SmartDisk FlashTrax", "Nokia N93/95"
- Fix: Zoom option could result in incorrect vertical offset (video image shifted downwards)
- Fix: unicode characters (japanese, greek, ...) weren't displayed correctly on PSP and some other devices
- Fix: selecting "native" resolutions with "Generic DivX" profile would abort the encoding process
- Fix: still some DVDs resulted in inverted subtitles
- updated mencoder
- several small fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

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